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FreedomHEC 2008

erstellt von Goran Mekić zuletzt verändert: 01.11.2007 09:53
Sastanak vodećih ljudi u hardverskoj industriji i linux kernel developera
Wann 18.05.2008 um 09:00 bis
19.05.2008 um 16:00
Wo Holiday Inn LA City Center, Los Angeles, California, USA
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FreedomHEC je hardverska nekonferencija gde Vi možete naučiti kako je lako učiniti Vaš hardver kompatibilanim sa sistemima slobodnog i otvorenog koda, kao što je Llinux i učiniti ih dostupnim novom tržištu kao što su serveri, uređaji za zabavu sledeće generacije i slično.

FreedomHEC je konferencija gde se proizvođači hardvera koji tragaju za strategijom proizvodnje Linux drajvera koja je finansijski efektivna, mogu naći sa Linux drajver ekspertima

FreedomHEC se održava neposredno pre ili posle Microsoft-ovog WinHEC-a, tako da posetioci mogu planirati samo jedno putovanje.

Kako je konferencija ionako na engleskom, dalji deo teksta neće biti preveden.

Questions and Topics

Talks for May 18 -- with speaker and time

Govornik Opis
9:00AM Kafa
(niko) Hot beverages for all, plus muffins, bagels and other members of the bread group
9:30AM Linux IP Routers Bob Gilligan Vyatta's take on the implications of current system architecture (hardware and kernel) for networking infrastructure applications
10:00PM USB in a Nutshell Sarah Bailey Covers the basics of USB, the current Linux USB filesystem, usbfs, and the user-land USB library, libusb. I'll also talk about my work on usbfs2, the replacement for usbfs and libusb.
11:00AM Linux Driver Project Greg K-H How to have your company take advantage of the kernel community to have them write and maintain a Linux driver for your devices for free
12:00 Noon Lunch (on your own)

2:00PM How to Manage Patches with
Git and Quilt
James Bottomley Introduction to the kernel patch management toolkit and how a subsystem maintainer uses them. Also how you can help track down regressions with git bisect.
3:30PM Handling asynchronous driver
updatesin RHEL5 and beyond
An overview of some of the work we're doing at Red Hat on driver updates (adding drivers to the Linux kernel post-install) and where this is headed. I'll try to keep this non-vendor specific as much as possible, stealing my slides from the Red Hat Summit as a starting point.
4:30PM A quick tour of the Linux kernel port to the ARM Processor. Deepak Saxena Learn about porting Linux to your custom ARM device
5:30PM Advanced Network Drivers Stephen Hemminger newer network driver features: NAPI, TSO, LRO, multiqueue, etc

Talks for May 19 -- with speaker and time

When What Speaker Description
9:00AM Unstable API Sense Ed L. Cashin, Coraid How to get your changes into the Linux kernel: Social and technical lessons.

10:45AM Rockets, USB, and Linux, oh my! Jamey Sharp, Sarah Bailey, and Andrew Greenberg The Portland State Aerospace Society designs, builds, and launches amateur rockets with a Linux flight computer. We'll talk about PSAS' open software/hardware design process, dealing with real-time constraints with Linux, and our crazy new communications bus (USB).
12:00PM Linux in Xilinx FPGAs : A trail map of new territory Stephen Neuendorffer, Xilinx Research Labs As FPGAs become a larger part of many systems, processors running Linux are increasingly embedded into FPGA designs. An introduction to the (likely unfamiliar) world of FPGA architecture and tools from an embedded processing perspective.
1:00PM Lunch (on your own)

2:00PM Write a real working Linux Driver Greg K-H Driver writing tutorial (longer than a regular talk)
4:00PM State of the Desktop Jamey Sharp History and future of the X Window System

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