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Slackware 12.0

by milobit last modified Jul 03, 2007 12:32 AM
Izašla verzija Slackware 12.0

Evo isečka iz changelog-a:

Sun Jul 1 22:30:42 CDT 2007
Released as Slackware 12.0 with no changes since the last batch.
       Big Thanks again are due to the CREW, without whom this just wouldn't be
       possible to do with the level of quality that Slackware users demand.
       We had a lot of help this time, and I hope it shows in project output
       that you'll enjoy. Thanks for the support of the Slackware community,
       because without your support I wouldn't be able to keep leading this
       project (and I happen to like it a lot :-).
       For more detailed information about what all has changed since Slackware
       11.0, start with CHANGES_AND_HINTS.TXT, and maybe read my RELEASE_NOTES.
       Have fun!

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